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Shot Blasting Machine,Stone Machine

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The equipment is a new type of shot blasting machine developed by our company independent research,specifically for the stone industry,surface texturing process,instead of the old process of fire,fire hidden trouble of safety technology,poor effect;shot blasting equipment investment,high efficiency,good effcet,simple operation and safe and reliable,after the input market favored by the majority of users.
★The shot blasting machine imported technology production,texturing effect on stone,high efficiency;pellet and powder separation and purification system,selection of three drum screen separator;filter selected international most advanced pulse cleaning bag filter for dust filtration of the stone industry;electrical system uses PLC control and manual control,simple and convenient operation,roller conveyor adopts frequency control,set the conveying speed is the best.
★ Blast texturing effect:the stone surface by shot blasting,litchi surface and surface fire surface pitting uniformity, size and many pits can change the  size and conveyor speed adjustment.
★Lower investment, low noise, high efficiency, environmental machinery.

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