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Slab Polishing Machine,Stone Machine

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Worktable dimension 2200×1500mm
Vertical stroke 0-700mm
Worktable elevation 0-85°n°
Spindle drive motor 5.5KW
Elevator motor 0.55KW
Dimension(LxWxH) 2500×2200×2400mm
Gross weight 1600KG
This machine can be used to polish surface of marble,granite and other stones of any thickness.It comes with rotating polishing head and a fixed base.It is able for polishing the stone surface with high quality finishing and increased production rates.&nbsp;<br />
·This machine is of mechanical framed without need to have foundation.&nbsp;<br />
·The surface of the machine can be upside down standing in 85 degrees for the convenience of loading and unloading the work piece.&nbsp;<br />
·When grinding,some compressed air is available for relax grinding<br />

Workbench but hydraulic elevator

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