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Hydraulic Bridge cutter,bridge cutting machine 【HSGJ-2500-6D Hydraulic Bridge cutter】

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HSGJ-2500-6D Hydraulic Bridge cutter (Hydraulic Bridge cutter;bridge cutting machine ;bridge saw )
The machine is made of the high strength cast iron, heavy weight of machine make sure the cutting processing can be stable enough.The structure of V shape groove and sliding plate are used on the main body left and right side, convenience to maintain. up and down structure adopt the  4 column(round steel ¢135mm) sliding ,  driven by hydraulic system. complete casting structure side beam, stable and not easy to deformation .Forward/backward slicing transmission use high-precision oil immersed feed screw nut , convenience to maintain and do the adjustment.Text input is used on the electronic control system, Imported high quality micro computer(PLC) are used, frequency control is used to cutting and slicing .
The strongpoint of machine: high cutting efficiency, high cutting quality, high stability, easy-operating and so on, it is suitable to cut the high value import granite block and marble block .

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